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Menís Masters Bonspiel
January 6 Ė 9, 2009

Welcome to all the curlers!
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Event Info:
On behalf of the Esquimalt Masterís Curling I would like to acknowledge the valuable and welcome support of our Sponsors for their ongoing financial contributions that make the Bonspiel possible.

Thanks to all; Roy Johnson


    A Event
  • 1st Lawrence Woytowich, Wayne Scott, Paul Addison, Rick Gilmore (Glen Meadows CC)
  • 2nd Cliff Merriam, Bill Glasier, Jim Bowdige, Richard Bergman (Kerry Park CC)
  • 3rd James Turner, Winston Court, Mike Fry, Dennis Searl (Duncan CC)
  • 4th Dave Davies, Stelio Tedesco, Ken OíConnor, Mike Pedneault (Esquimalt CC)
    B Event
  • 1st Don Moss, Chuck Coell, Ron Pinfold, Jake Brown (Esquimalt CC)
  • 2nd Glen Canning, Bud Taylor, Doug Schnieder, Ron Gardner (Glen Meadows CC)
  • 3rd Ray Field, Paul Malnarich, Len Chilibeck, Jim Baldwin (Victoria CC)
  • 4th Rick Pepper, Barry Turner, Bob Horner, Dale Perkins (Esquimalt CC)
    C Event
  • 1st Roger Pick, Georges Bombezin, Bud Harbidge, Dennis Erickson (Esquimalt CC)
  • 2nd Harry Drage, Milt Stuart, Al Teasdale, Denis Lieutard (Esquimalt CC)
  • 3rd Al Swanson, Tony Ibaraki, Tom Lavasseur, Fred Zacek (Esquimalt CC)
  • 4th Al Frame, Gary Wilson, David Lloyd, Dan Danylchuk (Kerry Park CC)
    D Event
  • 1st Rick Bryan, Ed Schyf, Rick Cargill, Ian Rogers (Kerry Park CC)
  • 2nd Roy Johnson, Ross Noel, Barry Daniel, Dennis Wysker (Esquimalt CC)
  • 3rd Gary Franklyn, Jim Charlton, Rick Parent, Carl Lalonde (Kerry Park CC)
  • 4th Shelby McCorquodale, Les Coppley, Vern Trupp, Carl Lalonde (Victoria CC)
    E Event
  • 1st Jim Begg, Grant Marshall, Frank Nash, Bob Pederson (Glen Meadows CC)
  • 2nd Don Malins, Bob Rintoul, Al Pelton, Terry Mackian (Glen Meadows CC)

Event Schedule

1Roger Pick 
2Tom Melnyk 
3Dave Davies 
4Don Moss 
5Lynn Wilson 
6Mike Zabrick 
7Bob Dunham 
8Frank Minty 
9Pat Thompson 
10Tom Craig 
11David Jones 
12Garry Franklyn 
13Al Frame 
14Les Dale 
15Mike Simmons 
16Glen Canning 

2Burley Men Moving Company

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