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Apple Tree Family Restaurant

Menís Masters Bonspiel
January 8 Ė 11, 2008

Welcome to all the curlers!
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Event Info:
On behalf of the Esquimalt Masterís Curling I would like to acknowledge the valuable and welcome support of our Sponsors for their ongoing financial contributions that make the Bonspiel possible.

Thanks to all; Roy Johnson


    A Event
  • 1st Roger Pick, Dave Smith, Brian Copeland, Georges Bombezin; Esquimalt
  • 2nd Tom Melnyk, Jack Diepold, Don Kennedy, Ed Gent; Esquimalt
  • 3rd Dave Davies, Tony Ibaraki, Ron Pinfold, Jack Sandberg; Esquimalt
  • 4th Don Moss, Chuck Coell, John Carter, Gerry Heal; Esquimalt
    B Event
  • 1st Lynn Wilson, Ken Wigbers, Dick Waller, Wayne Scott; Glen Meadows
  • 2nd Mike Zabrick, Bob Johnson, Rick Filleul, Don Atkinson; Victoria
  • 3rd Bob Dunham, Gary Olmstead, Wayne Barwick, Brian Bedford; Juan de Fuca
  • 4th Frank Minty, Cam Hall, John Larkin, Harold Miggitsch; Glen Meadows
    C Event
  • 1st Pat Thompson, Brian Morin, Ron Danderfer, Rick Pepper; Esquimalt
  • 2nd Tom Craig, Wilf Bauer, Bruce Owens, Ray Holman; Kerry Park
  • 3rd David Jones, Doug Grant, Bud Phillips, Rob Watson; Victoria
  • 4th Garry Franklyn, Jim Charlton, Rick Cargil, Rick Parent; Kerry Park
    D Event
  • 1st Al Frame, Gary Wilson, Jim Armstrong, Dan Danylchuk; Kerry Park
  • 2nd Les Dale, Ray Blackwell, Norm Wills, Bill Kohlman; Duncan
  • 3rd Mike Simmons, Ken Fuller, Gary Gustafson, Mike Watson; Juan de Fuca
  • 4th Glen Canning, Bud Taylor, Doug Schnieder, Ron Gardner; Glen Meadows
    E Event
  • 1st Ray Orr, Brian Davidson, Gerry Martin, Ron Rowen; Juan de Fuca
  • 2nd Paul Convey, Cliff Black, Bob Ainscough, Tom Mochnacz; Esquimalt

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