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Esquimalt Ladies Bonspiel

November 2-4, 2018

This year's theme is the Fabulous 50's.

Get Ready to Shake, Rattle-N-Roll. Ditch your Big Daddy and join us for a fun filled bonspiel weekend at the Esquimalt Curling Club located at the Archie Browning Sports Centre in Victoria, BC November 2nd-4th. Each team is guaranteed 4 games throughout the weekend. You'll be sure to bust a gut at our Saturday evening banquet and dance. Elvis will be in attendance, will you?

We are proud to have the support of all our sponsors. We hope you enjoy our bonspiel this year.

The Esquimalt Esquimalt Ladies Bonspiel welcomes all curling teams. Please register your team soon to ensure your entry. We look forward to hosting another successful bonspiel and look forward to seeing you there.

To register contact Maggie Melvin at 506-381-7206, or you can register online at the following link;

There are multiple events and a banquet dinner all for the low low price of $260 per team. Entries must be received by Monday October 29th.

Please help support our bonspiel and we look forward to seeing you on the ice.

We currently have 3 Teams Registered
Show Teams

Rank2017/18     2016/17     2015/16     2014/15
1 Palinkas Chris Shepherd Ryu Youngju Toni Tomlinson
2 Stoner Rhonda Stoner Rhonda Stoner Shaunna Haynes
3 Tomlinson Frances Benedict Cindy Marven Dolores Wallace
4 Campbell Mary Anne Erickson Ethel Vincent Jang Hyeji
5 Erickson Dolores Wallace Catherine Hodgins Chris Shepherd
6 Sutton Cindy Marven Toni Tomlinson Marilyn Kraeker
7 Warburton Marilyn Kraeker Darleen Warburton Joanne Stansky
8 Adams Shaunna Hayes Mhairi MacDonell Tanya Clark
9 Haynes Nancy Campbell Chris Shepherd Cindy Marven
10 Wood Sophie Brissette Frances Benedict Frances Benedict
11 Flint Harbin Ladies Dolores Wallace MaryLynne Rimer
12 DenOtter Lu Neilson MaryAnne Erickson Sandra Thomas

Bonspiel History
February 12-14, 2010
February 10-13, 2011
February 10-12, 2012
February 8-10, 2013
February 7-9, 2014
Jan 30-Feb 1, 2015
January 29-31, 2016
November 4-6, 2016
November 3-5, 2017
November 2-4, 2018

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