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Curler of the Year 2015-2016
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Bruce Joanisse

The recipient of this year’s Curler of the Year Award is being presented to a person who is truly deserving of this recognition.

Bruce Jonaisse has been involved with curling at the Esquimalt Curling Club (ECC) for close to 50 years. He started with his Dad, Al, 45 years ago and Al and Bruce curled for a number of years together. In the 70’s, Bruce was a member of the high school curling teams. Bruce was president Happy Gang Friday night for some years, Friday mixed at VCC, and with the White Ensign league.

To many curlers, Bruce is known as both a long term member of the ECC and a long starting executive member of the ECC Men's league. Over the years he has brought a great number of new members to the club, which many still curl today. His knowledge and attitude towards the game has been a great learning experience for both the new comers and seasoned curlers. Bruce has also been an ambassador representing our club many times over the years which emulates what the Esquimalt Curling Club is all about.

Bruce curled in the Wednesday Men’s League with Stew Thomson, Ron Braithwaite, and Randy Nieman. Stew recalls that Bruce always encouraged new people to try curling and in fact Bruce brought in Ann and Stew about 35 years ago along with many more people over the years. In the 2015/16 curling season, Bruce skipped the team to an undefeated round robin and although they lost one game in the playoffs they were still the top team in the Men’s League. A feat the league rarely sees.

Bruce has a nickname; many affectionately called him Piggy. Stew Thomson stated “Piggy was always loyal to his team to try to win but make sure you have fun”. Bruce was nominated by both the White Ensign and the Men's leagues we would like to congratulate him as the ECC 2105-16 Curler of the Year.

We will be losing Bruce & Laurie from our club as they will be moving to the Comox Valley sometime in late 2016. We are sure that he will make a significant contribution to curling up island and we wish them both the very best for the future. You are welcome at ECC at any time. Congratulations to Bruce Joanisse our 2015-16 Curler of the Year.

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