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Curler of the Year 2012-2013
Pat Kennedy Memorial

Keith McIntosh

This year’s recipient was a former Bowler and curled in Military Bonspiels which he enjoyed so much accidently missed the bus home one time. Keith decided to take up the Superior Sport of Curling in 1990 at CFB Edmonton. When work commitments in 1992 moved Keith & family to Victoria he Joined the Esquimalt Curling Club and has been an active member and volunteer since that time as Treasurer of the Dockers, White Ensign League’s and Treasurer of the Club, Vice President & President of the Logistic League, spent many hours on Bonspiel Committees for the White Ensign League. Over the years Keith has curled in several Leagues and is currently curling in the White Ensign & Sportsmen Leagues.

This person loves the game, camaraderie and being part of the Esquimalt Curling Club and has helped the Club immensely by auditing the Books for a number of years.

Congratulations to Keith McIntosh, Curler of the Year for the 2012/2013 curling season

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