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Curler of the Year 2005-2006
Pat Kennedy Memorial

Lei Davies

This year''s recipient has been a curler for over 40 years and began curling at this Club in the 1960''s. Even though family commitments took them to different locations in Canada and overseas, this person continued to curl and volunteer in Club activities, upon returning to Victoria was always willing to get involved with League executives and many Club projects. Of course, once we found out that this person was good at what they do, we were forever asking them to volunteer their expertise.

This person has:

  • Been President of Leagues;
  • Been Treasurer of a League;
  • Been drawmaster for Leagues and Club bonspiels;
  • Assisted Leagues and the Club on administrative and financial projects;
  • Always been willing to lend a hand at Club functions;
  • Attended League, Club and regional Club rep meetings;
  • Volunteered as an official at the recent local Canadian Karcher Junior and World Men''s Championship events;
  • Administered the Club sponsorship program; and
  • Continued to be both a recreational and competitive curler.

Over the last couple of years, this Club would not be where it is today for not the dedication, commitment and many volunteer hours this person has given, so that all of us could enjoy the Club''s skins bonspiels, League functions, upgrading of Club facilities and proudly wearing our new Club vest.

This person works in the background and is currently not part of our Club executive but has been a major influence of our well-organized Club.

Of course, this person should truly be rewarded for having to put up with her other half 24/7, as both are heavily involved in making this the best Club ever.

Her husband Dave was honoured two years ago as our Curler of the Year.

Please join me in congratulating Lei Davies, as our 2005-2006 Curler of the Year.

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