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Curler of the Year 2002-2003
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Dave Davies

Dave Davies has been a curler for many years, playing the game while stationed in Germany and then after his return to Victoria at the Racquet Club, Juan de Fuca Curling Club and Esquimalt Curling Club. He enjoyed the camaraderie at Esquimalt where his men''s team played so moved his mixed team from Juan de Fuca to the White Ensign Curling League. That was over 10 years ago.

Dave was involved with the men''s league executive at Esquimalt before becoming a director with the White Ensign League. He served as a director with this league for several years before taking over the position of President, a position he held for two curling seasons.

Dave is a very highly motivated person with a great sense of humour. He worked extremely hard to make sure that whatever he was involved with ran smoothly. The Christmas ''Fun Nights'' held by the White Ensign were a highlight of the season because of Dave''s efforts. He was always there leading the activities ''complete with antlers''. Dave could always be counted on to help shop for the year-end league prizes and was awarded the prestigious ''Born to Shop'' award. The annual White Ensign Bonspiel was a success partly because of Dave''s hard work and organization. He was always appreciative of the efforts of those who served on the executive with him. In his capacity as President, Dave also attended the meetings of the Esquimalt Curling Association.

Dave has also spent many hours promoting the game of curling through the local media as well as helping with newcomers to this wonderful game.

Because of Dave''s enthusiasm and love of this sport, he truly deserved to win the Curler of the Year Award.

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