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Esquimalt Curling Club

White Ensign Mixed Bonspiel

February 24-28, 2010

Another successful year. Congratulations to all the curlers and thank you to those that make this event possible.


The Bonspiel Results:
'A' Event
1stDave Long
2ndRoger Pick
3rdGeorge Bombezin
4thScott McDonald

'B' Event
1stGreg Danderfer
2ndTom McConnell
3rdKeith McIntosh
4thDave Clark
'C' Event
1stStew Thomson
2ndKeith Kresse
3rdJoe Vassallo
4thLeigh Gagnon
'D' Event
1stCecil Issel
2ndWayne Spiers
3rdBrian Boyd
4thGarry Callander


Rank2009/10     2008/09     2007/08     2006/07
1Dave Long Dave Davies Dave Davies Stan Green
2Roger Pick Mike Angrove Garry Callander Dave Davies
3George Bombezin Gord Petersen Dave Clark Darwin Pringle
4Scott McDonald Mark Leach Brian Boyd Dave Long
5Greg Danderfer Brian Boyd Georges Bombezin Bruce Joanisse
6Tom McConnell Keith Tomlinson Gord Petersen Gary Callander
7Keith McIntosh Errol Dubuc Dave Long Cliff Black
8Dave Clark John Brown Mark Leach Wayne Spiers
9Stew Thomson Doug Leask Mike Angrove Derek Hill
10Keith Kresse Keith McIntosh Tony Ibaraki Catherine Hodgins
11Joe Vassallo Maurice Auger Doug Thompson Melody Burgoyne
12Leigh Gagnon Chris Grelson Keith McIntosh Bernice Dallin
13Cecil Issel Keith Kresse Keith Tomlinson Mark Laseur
14Wayne Spiers Dave Long Doug Leask Gord Petersen
15Brian Boyd Tony Anslow Steve McKague Brian Boyd
16Garry Callander Charles Bruneski Curt Hart Allan Carter


Rank2009/10     2008/09
1Dave Long Dave Davies
2Roger Pick Mike Angrove
3George Bombezin Gord Petersen
4Scott McDonald Mark Leach
5Greg Danderfer Brian Boyd
6Tom McConnell Keith Tomlinson
7Keith McIntosh Errol Dubuc
8Dave Clark John Brown
9Stew Thomson Doug Leask
10Keith Kresse Keith McIntosh
11Joe Vassallo Maurice Auger
12Leigh Gagnon Chris Grelson
13Cecil Issel Keith Kresse
14Wayne Spiers Dave Long
15Brian Boyd Tony Anslow
16Garry Callander Charles Bruneski

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